It’s 2013 and I’m pumped

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I’m all about living with intention and focusing on personal growth. You know, that whole Evolving part of Evolving Mommy. I think it will go without surprise if I tell you I’m one of those people to see a new year as an opportunity for a fresh start. While I do try to think about making positive change year-round I do have some ideas for 2013 floating around my head. I do not make resolutions, and I’ve learned that goals are sometimes hard to stick with unless they are tied to events and experiences. Read: I’m going to set a goal to do something like “lose 10 pounds.” I would like to kick off the new year with some positive planning.

Since resolutions are not my thing I’ve decided on a few guiding words for the coming year. Words to help remind me of my desired mindset, goals and direction. A lot of people do this, and even though I have thought about doing this in the past I haven’t. Maybe my past words should have been follow through. This year my three words are

Happiness. Happiness is a choice and I’m choosing it.
Stretch. As in stretch outside of my comfort zone and really reach towards goals.
Focus. A little more focus and a little less getting distracted by shiny things and I’ll have no trouble achieving a litney of things. More writing, more laundry, more me time, more happiness, more goals. More.

A little while back I shared my decision to start a happiness project of my own after reading The Happiness Project. Over the past 12 weeks I’ve been working on implementing a list of about a dozen little changes each day. Every night- with my nightly cup of tea- I pull out a sharpie and color in the boxes in my spreadsheet columns signifying my achievements that day. That nightly check in has really helped me to be more thoughtful of things throughout the day. I’m smiling more, remembering to be a little more playful and alittle less rigid with family, I’m pausing to think of my true feelings before jumping to say yes to things. I plan to continue this little prectice in mindfulness into 2013. The hopes is to make these little things into habits and make everyday feel happier. I also really love sharpies so just coloring in boxs on a spreadsheet bring me happiness every day.

Have I set goals outside of the overarching outlook/life changy type things above? Yes. Yes I have. And I’m quite excited about them.

2013 will see me running my first half-marathon. Somehow I let my friends talk me into this and I’m so glad they did! I’m signed up for a half-marathon and a 5k and I’m thinking about a 10k or a mud run too. I’ll also be working on a particularly special life list item. Learning a new language. Luke and I are already dreaming of the vacation to accompany this language learning for 2014. What can I say my husband knows how to give a Christmas gift. Also he knows how to support me in the most amazing ways. He also knows how to make me cry, in a good way.

I’ll be stretching to reach some great goals. Focusing in a whole new way. Seeking happiness in new places. 2013 will be a great year. I can feel it.

Do you have a guiding word or words for 2013?

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6 Responses to It’s 2013 and I’m pumped

  1. Sarahviz says:

    You go girl with the running! My 2013 word is WILLPOWER!

  2. Jenna says:

    Hooray for half marathons in 2013!

  3. Elena says:

    Yay for the half marathon–but also–that nightly color coded check in?? love love love that!!

  4. These are great words! There is just something about a fresh start that really energizes me. I can’t wait to hear about the language/travel progress!

  5. Connie Weiss says:

    I really like your spreadsheet.

    Good luck with your 1/2 marathon training!

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