Pushing out of my comfort zone at the gym

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This morning I learned how to do a traditional deadlift using a big bar bell. Then I ran 4 miles. Tonight, my body is tired. A good heavy legs, and tight back kind of tired.

Luke offered to lead me through the intimidating weight area of the gym to teach me different lifts and help me with my form to help me feel more comfortable and maybe move beyond only running on the treadmill and lifting with the weight machines. There’s  no reason to feel to intimidated to use all the areas of your gym. After all you’re paying for it. Or rather, I’m paying for it, and I shouldn’t let myself feel so nervous about heading into the land of big weights and large muscles, or into the group fitness classes, or into the pool. But really I can’t swim so it’s not likely I’ll be swimming laps in the pool any time soon, unless the doggie paddle is welcome.

The place Luke is most comfortable in any gym is in the weight area, specifically in the area housing the largest dumbbells, and the squat bars, and racks. I, on the other hand, am most comfortable on one of the treadmills, which is silly because we own a treadmill. I’ve always been intimidated by weight lifting, especially free weights and bars. I love the feeling of muscles weak from the exertion of moving heavy weights, but my nervousness takes over and I tend to stick with what I am most comfortable.

For the foreseeable future Luke will work with me on one or two new lifts until my comfort levels have gone up. He’s a keeper.

I’ve said it before, motherhood is a journey. But really life is a journey. My goal is to learn from motherhood, but also from life in general and a big part of evolving for me is learning about myself and growing and making changes along the way. I know I’m intimidated in certain situations so I’m trying to get myself past the nervousness. I’m not going to let myself avoid uncomfortable situations. I’m going to figure out ways around my hang-ups and leave the discomfort behind. It might take years but as long as I keep taking one step at a time I know I’ll get their eventually. Luckily I have Luke to help me this time around.


Delaney is still making this face when a trip to the gym is announced but slowly but surely we’re helping her work through her hang-ups of leaving mommy and daddy too. We’ll all work through our gym issues together. Such a supportive family we are, no?

I don’t know what lift he’ll have me do next week, but I do now know how to do a traditional deadlift and my mind and body are stronger for it.

Do you lift weights or are you a cardio kind of person?

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