Two different people

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Since Delaney was born we’ve known she was no carbon copy of her sister. She’s her own person. Besides the physical differences – Delaney’s short curly hair to Madeline’s long thick and very straight hair, Madeline’s thin and lean body to Delaney’s slightly curvy and strong body, or Madeline’s narrow face to Delaney’s round face and ample cheeks – my girls are also very different in personality and how they approach the world around them. Madeline takes on each new situation hoping to make new friends, but is very physically cautious. The need for companionship is her driving force. Delaney is actually quite shy and takes a while to warm up to people but she has more than earned her name Delaniac through her daredevil antics. She night not be in the market for friends but she is definitely looking for things to climb or at the least stand on which is illustrated by our numerous #delaneycanstandonit  photos.

Last night while out to dinner with girlfriends I got a text from Luke. It was a photo with a short caption.

“We’ve got a daredevil on our hands. She showed Maddy how to do this.”

Daredevil Delaney

So my almost two-year-old took it upon herself to teach my six-year-old how to slide down the slide headfirst. Beyond the obvious humor of the situation I love how this picture shows my girls and their personalities and – how even with their different personalities and ages – the way the play together so well.

Madeline is my snugly girl. She’ll drop whatever she is doing for a hug, cuddle, or even just a hand placed on her cheek. She takes after me in that regard. Delaney loves to give hugs but only on her terms and only when she feels like it. She loves to snuggle with Mommy or Daddy, but again only when she initiates it. Which is very rare and usually induced by an injury sustained from one of her daredevil tricks.

At times their differences have thrown me for a loop. Mostly though, I love that they are two different people. Two very different little girls that happen to come from the same parents. Actually, it reminds me of my sister and me. Hopefully as they get older they will use their unique perspectives on the world to help balance each other,  just like my sister and I.

Are your kids similar or different? Do you encourage their differences?

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One Response to Two different people

  1. Jenna says:

    Oh man, yes. My two boys are complete opposites. LB always teaches BB how to do the daredevil stuff. lol

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