Madeline’s Art Themed Birthday Party

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I hit the jackpot and ended up with a kid with a great fondness for arts and crafts, and crafts and arts, and making fun messes while creating fun things. For Madeline’s 6th birthday party we gave her the choice of a party at a local farm where the kids could feed some animals and ride ponies or a party at the house. She went for the party at the house and didn’t even take a second to decide on a great theme. Art! An art themed birthday party was the dream and I was obviously excited.

Polka dot art party

This party was by far one of my most relaxing parties to plan ever. It just came together and I didn’t feel stressed at all. I love that! I found these adorable art party invitations on Esty inviting friends to come to Madeline’s art studio to put the Art in Party. They were great and I decided to continue the Madeline’s Art studio idea with a Welcome sign just outside our front door.

Art Party Sign

To help add some pop even before guests entered the kitchen we utilized the favor bags as decoration in the living room. The colorful bags added a pop of color and looked great with the polka dot garland hanging in the background.

Art party themed bags

When you’re talking art it’s hard to limit yourself in the color department so the official color palate for our art party was all of them. You heard that right. I bought a lovely pack of cardstock in 20 different bright, and vibrant colors and used those for all our decorations.

Polka-dot Art Party

Polka dots are the happiest decoration, if you ask me. I cut out circles from each color and with a little sewing magic turned the dots into garland. It was magic mostly because I have quite a bit of trouble sewing fabric, but somehow paper was totally doable.I used while thread and simply fed the circles through the sewing machine one at a time leaving just a bit of pace in between each. Once I finished the sewing all we had to do was string the polka dot garland around the kitchen and the room instantly went from normal to artsy and awesome!

Polka-dot Art Party 3

To start I covered the table with white easel paper to give it a simple art feel while also protecting the table. For our art table centerpiece I filled clear storage containers with various art supplies. They added to the art feel while giving the center of the table a something fun. The best thing about the centerpiece was that I was able to use containers from my pantry and art supplies we already owned.  Then we set out paints, brushes, paint trays, and canvases around the table.

Art Party activity painting

After some thought Madeline and I decided to forgo cake or cupcakes for this party. We really wanted a birthday treat that fit with the party theme. Colorful cupcakes would have been pretty but with the whole point of the party being to let the kids get creative we decided it was  much more appropriate to have the kids create and decorate their own ice cream sundaes.

Art Party Dessert Make-Your-Own-Sundaes

We started with a blank canvas of vanilla ice cream in a colorful bowl and the kids were let loose on the toppings. We offered chocolate chips, pink and red heart sprinkles, neon colored flower sprinkles, crunched-up chocolate chip cookies, colorful star sprinkles, chocolate sauce, fresh strawberries, crushed graham crackers and dot sprinkles to top it all off. The kids had a blast creating their perfect sundae and I was amazed at how carefully and thoughtfully they chose their toppings. We were ready to guide kids and limit toppings if things got out of control but not one kid went overboard or got crazy. I think I’m going to limit our future party guest lists to these kids alone, they were an awesome bunch.

Polka-dot Art Party 2

We all had so much fun throwing this art themed birthday party. Seriously I wish all birthdays could be this smooth and fun!

Have you ever been to or hosted an art party?

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