A new holiday tradition in the making

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We are like every other family at this time of the year. Busy.

Busy, busy. busy. November and December fly by and it seems that most of our ideas for holiday traditions for our little family never get started. Next year I say. Next year I will plan ahead and make sure we do that, see this, make these and have those. And so on and so forth. Finally this year I got it together enough to plan out a month-long tradition. Well, really it just might be multiple traditions rolled into one. With the help of my lovely friend Jenna of Stop, Drop & Blog fame and her book advent calendar I have put together a fun little tradition of our own. A Holiday Book Countdown to Christmas, a tradition that our girls will hopefully look back on fondly.

After scouring our bookshelves, searching for every last one of our Christmas and holiday books – I forgot we had so many – I pulled out the wrapping paper and got to work. This morning Madeline and Delaney woke to 24 books neatly wrapped and sitting in our living room ready to be read throughout the month. One book for each day. After wrapping I randomly assigned each book a number from 1-24. I saved The Night Before Christmas for last. Each day between now and Christmas eve we will open and read the book of the day. To cap it all off, the girls will be opening brand new pajamas on Christmas eve. After they are clad in their matching -I have to take advantage of their supreme love of each other while can after all – penguin pjs we’ll all snuggle up on the couch and read The Night Before Christmas. Daily doses of holiday fun through the magic of books, brand new cute (and matching!) pajamas and reading The Night Before Christmas on the night before Christmas. See multiple traditions all rolled up in one. I’m so excited.

What sweet holiday traditions does your family have?

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2 Responses to A new holiday tradition in the making

  1. Donna says:

    Catherine I love you and I love your new tradition!

    Reading is so important for kids and for the parents that read to kids.

    Reading is love, Living, Laughing, Logic, linguistics, and learning I could go on with this theam but you get the idea :).


  2. Lisa says:

    Next year I hope my boyfriend and I can create a holiday tradition of going to a tree farm and cutting down a tree. I’ve always wanted to do it and just never find the time!

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