Decorating the Most Neglected Room of the House

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How is it that the last room to get love is the master bedroom? It was the same story in our old house and after over a year of living in our new home we’re in the same boat. We have a few things hung on the wall but no curtains, no paint, and a whole lot of empty wall space. The folks at Minted have asked me to check out all they have to offer and share some of my finds here on Evolving Motherhood at just the right time. I get to share some of the gorgeous art prints from the independent graphic designers at Minted that have caught my eye with you and come up with some great ideas for my neglected master bedroom.

I love our room. It has vaulted ceilings, windows that look out over our backyard, dark wood furniture that I love and lots of wall space to hang things. All that wall space is like a blank canvas. Years back we visited the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park. Luke, of course, took a ton of pictures. We have a couple of the photographs from the visit framed in wide dark wood frames and hanging on one wall in our bedroom. I love the bright colors in the photos.

So now that we have completely settled into our home it’s more than time to focus on the master bedroom. The walls are mostly bare and we need more than the two large photos from the tea garden and large metal wall-hanging made up of sleek lines my dad made for me as a birthday gift. Using our sleek but sturdy dark wood furniture and our few pieces of art as inspiration I have pulled together a possible direction for my master bedroom. It was easy to lose track of time clicking around Minted looking through hundreds prints made by talented designers.

Asian Inspired Master Bedroom

Using the bold colors from the Luke’s photos as a guide I selected a few prints that could hang in a grouping on one of my bare walls. My plan is to hang several small pieces in varying mediums, sizes and shapes together on the walls flanking our bedroom window. We generally chose larger pieces to hang throughout our house and I think more of a pulled together collage will spice things up a bit.  The Cherry Blossom TreeVariegated Plant and Highway Wildflowers all have the vibrant colors and feel that I am looking for. A slight Asian feel without being too touristy in nature. I don’t want my master bedroom to feel like I decorated it all with kitschy souvenirs from China Town.

Add in some bold red curtains and a few accessories and I am really getting excited about how this idea is coming together. Now to decide if we should paint the beige walls or not. Maybe just an accent wall?

How is your master bedroom decorated? Or is it sadly under-decorated like mine?


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One Response to Decorating the Most Neglected Room of the House

  1. I love your ideas! I just got back home from Bali, and these pictures and your ideas truly remind me of that part of the world!

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