St. Patrick’s Day Fingerprint Four-Leaf Clovers

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Madeline, Delaney and I hurried home from school pick-up today. Madeline and I were on a mission. We had been planning out a fun St. Patrick’s Day craft for the last couple of days and tonight we were going to make it happen. We don’t normally craft on school nights. With dance classes, school functions, dinner, homework, reading, and baths school nights blow by us in what feels like an instant. Tonight was special. I had already had dinner cooking in the slow cooker – a thrown together version of my slow cooker hamburger stew – and the crafting supplies were out and ready. What was the reason for all the planning and preparation? Well, we had come up with a cute St. Patrick’s Day card idea and we needed to make it in time to get one in the mail. I love that about my sweet girl. She’s sweet and likes to spread as much love as she can.

The St. Patrick’s Day card idea came together after Madeline and I talked about a bunch of different ideas, but Chelsea – a fellow Right Start Mom – really got our creative juices flowing with her Lucky Green Thumbs craft on the Right Start Blog this past week. You all know how much I love handprint crafts, so obviously fingerprint crafts are pretty exciting to me too.

Adorable St Patrick's Day fingerprint card craft

This fingerprint craft is simple. All you need are a few supplies and a lucky someone to give some St. Patrick’s Day love to.

St. Patrick’s Day Fingerprint Craft Supplies

  • White cardstock
  • Paint: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and black
  • Paint brushes (you can make it by with one, but a handful would be helpful)
  • Marker
  • Glitter glue (optional)
  • Damp paper towels

How to make a St. Patrick’s Day Four-Leaf Clover Card

Step 1: Fold your cardstock in half to form a card.

Saint Patrick's Day craft

Step 2: Dip your child’s pointer finger or thumb into green paint. On the front of the card, in the place you want a four-leaf clover, gently press their finger down. Rotate the paper a quarter turn and press their finger down again. Repeat this twice more to make all four leaves of your four-leaf clover. Apply more paint to their finger as needed as you stamp all four leaves. Using a paint brush paint a stem onto the clover.

St Patrick's Day card craft

Step 3: Once the four-leaf clover on the front of your card is dry it’s time to get started on the inside. Paint the top potion of a black pot on the bottom right side of the card. (Hint: I the outline of the pot using pencil for Madeline to paint over.) 
I wouldn't trade you for a pot of gold

Step 3: Dip your child’s finger in yellow paint. Have them make yellow dots just above the top of the black pot to look like gold coins.

Step 4: Paint a rainbow across the inside of the card with one end starting just above the pot of gold and the other end ending at the edge of the left side of the paper.

I'm so lucky you're my friend

fun St. Partick's Day card craft

Step 5: Once the paint is dry it’s time for the finishing touch… the adorable sentiments.

On the front of the card write: I’m so lucky you are my… (friend, teacher, cousin, dentist, whatever).

On the inside of the card write: I wouldn’t trade you for a pot of gold

Madeline and I are so proud of our cards. Okay, really they are her cards and she worked hard to make them. Fancy letters and all. I love crafting with her.

Are you planning any fun St. Patrick’s Day crafts?


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3 Responses to St. Patrick’s Day Fingerprint Four-Leaf Clovers

  1. I love Madeline’s finished product — so cheery.

    Thanks for this how-to. So clover! I mean clever ;-)

  2. This seems like the perfect craft for my little kiddos! ty for sharing!

  3. Now I know what craft to do with the kids today.

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